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Full-service Optical Department

We offer a full-service optical department, staffed with certified, experienced opticians – who are also fantastic at helping select the perfect frames for your face, style & budget.

Drop In Any Time

Drop-in any time during our open office hours, including the lunch hour! Bring in a prescription, try on glasses, come in for a fitting or repair, or pick up your new glasses on your schedule. One of our experienced opticians is always available to help.



Choosing the right lenses

New Technology in lens designs, materials, and coatings means there are many options to consider when choosing the right lens for your budget and lifestyle.

Our experienced, certified opticians can guide you through the wide variety of choices, styles, and lens options.

The primary types of lenses available are described at right for your convenience. Ask the doctors at Midland Eye Associates and our opticians about what’s right for you.

We have you covered

All of these lens designs and options are available at Midland Eye Associates and are covered under some vision insurances. We have our own in-house finishing lab that allows us to speed up the turn around time for your new glasses. It also allows us to control the quality of your lens fabrication. If you have any questions about your lens options please stop by our office to talk with one of our certified opticians.

By reducing glare, an anti-reflective coating benefits virtually everyone who wears eyeglasses. It can free you from bothersome reflections and halos, like those around car headlights while driving at night. It also increases comfort during prolonged computer use. Today’s anti-reflective coatings also provide a “hydrophobic” surface layer repelling both water and dust making them easier to clean.

Although we can’t ensure that you’ll never scratch your lens, a scratch-resistant coating will help the lens stand up to active lifestyles. Many lenses have these coatings built right in, however, it’s best to discuss with our optician to make sure.

Progressive lenses may give you a more youthful appearance by eliminating the visible lines found in bifocal lenses, but the main advantage they offer is the ability to see at all distances. Lined bifocal lenses have only two powers: One for seeing across the room and the other for seeing up close. Objects in between, like a computer screen or items on a grocery store shelf, often remain indistinct with bifocals. Instead of providing just two lens powers like bifocals, progressive lenses are true “multi-focal” lenses that provide a smooth, seamless progression of many lens powers for clear vision across the room, up close and all distances in between.

With early progressive lens designs, first-time wearers frequently noticed soft blur and other peripheral aberrations that could give the sensation of movement or “swim” and cause visual discomfort, headaches, and even nausea. However, at Midland Eye Associates, PLC we use only the most up-to-date progressive lenses with the lowest amount of peripheral aberrations and best visual quality available. Today’s progressive lenses have better optics and fewer peripheral aberrations, making them very comfortable for active wear. Some of the newest high-definition lens designs found in modern progressive lenses are created with the same wavefront-guided technology used in LASIK surgery for crystal-clear optical performance over a wide field of view.

These lenses provide the thinnest choice when it comes to lens materials. They are available up to 40% thinner than your standard plastic lens and are best suited for high prescriptions.

Because ultraviolet rays can cause eye damage like early onset cataracts, we recommend that you protect your eyes with a UV-blocking lens. The first option would be to get prescription polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are great for those people that fish, boat, or play golf. Vision insurance benefits can also be used for prescription sunglasses, not just traditional clear lenses. However, if you aren’t getting prescription sunglasses, photochromic lenses are the next best option. Photochromic lenses block the sun’s UV rays and automatically change from light to dark, depending on your environment.

Polycarbonate has been the gold standard for impact resistance and safety glasses for many years. However, Trivex has taken over that claim. Trivex provides the same impact resistance but offers much better optics, visual quality, and scratch resistance. Trivex is recommended for all children, rimless or drill-mounted frames and safety glasses.



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Our patient's health will always be of the utmost importance. With that in mind, we have been using recommendations for opening from the CDC, the American Optometric Association, and our government. Many of these changes will be very different than we are used to.

An appointment will be needed to enter the office and all patients will be screened prior to entering the office (temperature checks, face mask required, COVID questionnaire).  If you are an adult with medical conditions that exempt you from wearing a mask, a doctor's note is required to enter our practice. If these are not met upon screening we will gladly reschedule to a later date.  We will also take appointments for car side glasses pickups and adjustments. We appreciate your patience with these new guidelines.  It truly is a different world and way of doing things but they are meant to keep our patients, staff, and community healthy during the pandemic.  We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon! If you have any questions or concerns please give our office a call.